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Instructions and Downloadable Forms

In this section we take you step-by-step through everything you need to do to submit your educational credentials and documents for evaluation. Click here for a downloadable application form   For full form functionality, please download and open in Adobe reader. Some form features may not be available when viewing in a browser window.

Step One – Decide Which Evaluation is Needed
The first step is to decide which evaluation you will need. A description of each type of evaluation is available here. If you are unsure of which evaluation is necessary, you should contact the institution for which the evaluation is intended. Should you need help in making your decision feel free to contact us and we will gladly do what we can to help.

Step Two – Get an Application Form Online and Read it Thoroughly
Download the application form and read it thoroughly. The form must be printed out to be completed and mailed to us. Again, please read it carefully before proceeding.

Step Three – Fill Out The Form
Once downloaded and printed, fill out the form. Be sure to indicate with a check mark which services you’re requesting. You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions or problems while filling out the form. Be sure to sign and date the form at the end.

Step Four – Include All Educational Documents with your Application
Be sure to include clear and legible copies of all educational documents. Note that these will not be returned. Also, please be aware that documents not in English must be accompanied by certified, literal, word-for-word translations. These certified translations must accompany the copies of the original language documents.

EEI offers a certified translation service if you need to have your documents translated. For more information and an estimate, please contact EEI before sending in your application. If you are unsure of which documents to include, you may contact us with any questions.

The General Statement, course-by-course, and GPA evaluation fees include a copy of the evaluation sent to the applicant, and another to a third party of the applicant’s choice, if desired. If available, please indicate a contact person at the institution of choice to help ensure that the evaluation report is delivered in a timely manner. Additional photocopies and original evaluations may be requested after completion of the evaluation process. To do so, simply fill out and submit the application form again, being sure to check only the “Duplicate Evaluation Report” box, and enclosing the appropriate payment in the form of money order or cashier’s check.

Step Five – Mail in Form, All Documents, and Payment in the form of Money Order, Cashier’s Check or Credit Card
Our mailing address is available here. Please note that we do not accept faxed applications due to the often poor legibility of faxed copies. Be sure to send all application materials to our address in Kew Gardens, NY. The application packet should include the completed application form, all educational documents, and payment in the form of Money Order, Cashier’s Check or Credit Card information in the spaces provided on the application.

This completes the application process but please see below for additional information.


Turnaround Time
Evaluations will be completed within 7 to 10 business days after receipt of all needed materials. This means that if application materials are incomplete, the process will be delayed. Please note that 7 to 10 business days is approximately two calendar weeks.

In the case of expedited services, note that the indicated turnaround times (three days or 24 hours) begin once all needed materials are received, and depend on the completeness of the materials. It is highly important that clear, legible copies of all necessary educational documents and certified, literal English translations are received promptly. The applicant will be contacted and additional documents will be requested if the application packet is not complete. No evaluation report will be completed until all requested materials have been received.

EEI accepts no liability for late priority reports, except for refunding the priority portion of the fee.

Evaluation Recognition

EEI provides accurate and professional credential evaluations, conducted by a highly qualified, highly trained staff, drawing on a wide variety of resources. We maintain pride and confidence in the work we do. However, we cannot guarantee that the recipient of the evaluation will agree with our assessment, and applicants must be aware that some agencies and institutions may not accept evaluations from external companies such as EEI. Therefore, we recommend that the applicant secure confirmation from the institution or agency that an evaluation from EEI would be acceptable.

Evaluation Discrepancies Over Time, and Document Retention Policy

Evaluation reports of individuals may differ, depending on the time period in which they were completed. New and updated information is constantly being made available. All credential evaluations we prepare are based on the most recent information available on education around the world.

Evaluations and documents will be retained for five years.

Refund Policy

    • A refund will be issued in the event of overpayment of fees.
    • A $75 processing fee will be charged if an application is submitted and has begun processing, and is subsequently cancelled by the applicant. Note that this fee also applies when the reason for cancellation is that all required documentation is not received or available.
    • The Expedited Evaluation services can only be completed in the indicated time frame (i.e. 3 days or 24 hours), if all needed materials are included for evaluation. In the event that the applicant fails to supply all the necessary information or documentation, there will be no refund of priority fees.
    • If an applicant submits forged or altered documents, an evaluation will not be completed and the fee will not be refunded. Additionally, recipients listed on the evaluation application form, and other recognized Evaluation Services will be notified. In such cases, we also reserve the right to notify the institution or board which has supposedly issued the documents.

Verification of Document Authenticity

EEI reserves the right to verify the authenticity of any educational document submitted for evaluation. In the event that document verification is necessary, the applicant will be required to pay a $75 verification fee before the evaluation can be completed.

All company policies are subject to change without notice.