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EEI is here to provide our clients with the accurate, professional equivalency evaluations they need as quickly as they need them. We offer a variety of services and, if time is an issue, we have rush services available to expedite the process. A description of our services is below.

If you're not sure which evaluation you need, see the instructions portion of our website, or contact us and we will do everything we can to help you decide.

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General Statement Cost: $75
The general statement is a general overview of a candidate's educational background. EEI assesses foreign educational credentials and determines their U.S. equivalent. This evaluation may be used for immigration, admission to U.S. undergraduate and graduate programs, to join the U.S. Armed Forces, and state and federal licensure. Each credential will be described and its U.S. equivalent given in the general statement.
Course-By-Course Evaluation Cost: $150
This evaluation includes a general statement but is more comprehensive. In addition to a general assessment, the course-by-course evaluation identifies each completed subject and provides the U.S. credit equivalent. The report is a listing of each course for which the candidate received credit.
Grade Point Average (Add-on to Course-By-Course) Cost: $50
The Grade Point Average may be added on to the course-by-course evaluation. This service includes in the course-by-course breakdown the U.S. grade equivalent received by the candidate for each course, in addition to a final, overall Grade Point Average of all courses completed. The cost is $50, added to the course-by-course fee.
Along with the above evaluations, we offer several additional services. The fees listed below are in addition to the cost of the evaluation selected from above.
24 Hour Report Cost: $100
We will complete and send out the evaluation within 24 hours of receiving the candidate's application and all necessary educational documents. This service includes one FAX copy of the report.
3 Day Report Cost: $50
We will complete and send out the evaluation within 3 days of receiving the candidate's application and all necessary educational documents.
Duplicate Evaluation Report Cost: $25
We will provide a duplicate evaluation report, sent to the location of the candidate's choice. This service may be requested after the initial evaluation is completed. Evaluations are available for five years after their completion.
FAX Copy of Report (Domestic Only) Cost: $5
We will FAX a copy of the report to a FAX # of the candidate's choice. Please be sure to include the FAX number on the application form. Note that this service is only available for FAX numbers within the United States.
Return by Overnight Express Mail (Domestic Only) Cost: $25
Once the report is completed, we will send the evaluation out by overnight express mail. Note that this service is available only to be mailed to locations within the United States.
Certified Translation Service Contact us for pricing
EEI can provide certified translations of educational documents in most languages. Contact us for more information and a price estimate.


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